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Started by Amacythe, February 03, 2006, 08:52:57 PM

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Okay ill upload the whip  ;)

:) wand more? :P


Hey, How come I don't see the whip?? ITs funny though, to see the whip & a santa hat... I still have the X-mas smiley set :D oh well Guess I'll have to wai for Amy to bring it out...


on the new site the language packs now have thier own section, but the description for some of the SMF downloads still say to check below.


Just a minor error: On the main page at, there is a PM link near the bottom ('You have 1 new message.'). If you click that, a 404 error results. The link is trying to go to

when it should really go to
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Sorry rickc, I only display it in private. ;)


Quote from: Amacythe on February 19, 2006, 03:24:11 PM
Sorry rickc, I only display it in private. ;)

ARG! Not fair... not fair

<------------------------ Throws a temper tantrum WAH!

Oh well..


I love the new site guys. Looks very professional and works superbly. Excellent job.
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Um I am usually very late in noticing stuff. Because of simple machines forum I set up my forum and just let it run--- it's that easy. 

I'm not the best at stuff, but I recommend SMF over others out there.  You see- since SMF is easy! That also means I don't come around here often enough!

Great new layouts, and big Thank you to those who have put so much of their time into this!!


What's the deal with the swagshop and run orders ?  What happens if a run takes several months because they didn't reach their minimum is SMF going to keep people who paid hanging ? This doesn't seem like a good way to do a shop.

Sounds funny unless i'm not understanding it  ;D

i wouldn't want to pay for someting and receive it months later at the latest 3-5 days, a week tops

to pay in adv just to fill a quota/min seems not a good practice is it legal ?


Quote from: Tim on February 13, 2006, 02:31:01 AM
This template will be available in the 1.1 release

Do you mean the whole template?


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Quote from: Ben_S on April 03, 2006, 08:57:19 AM
The forum theme.

Eh? The theme is already availible in the 2nd RC?!?


Um, why are you posting here?
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