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SMF 1.0 Public Beta Available

Started by [Unknown], March 10, 2004, 03:13:14 PM

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WOW!!! THis is really a pretty one guys. Great work and my compliments to all developers.

Installed it on  to test with it and worked almost right away. The first time it didnt work, installed succesfully but just couldnt be opened, second time it failed cause I filled it things wrong so thats normal ;D, the third time it installed properly again and I can run it as long a don't chmod to to anything other then 777 ( I use ws-ftp).

IS there already some converting tool to convert my actual forum to this pretty one?

Great work.
To install something for the cat's 'cut' is never nice..... (old dutch saying) :D


Yes, download the upgrade package
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W0000T I have been waiting for this a long long time :D


So have I... Congrats to the team!

Going to do a test upgrade now...


Quote from: Ben_S on March 14, 2004, 06:01:51 AM
Yes, download the upgrade package

Great, tnx, I made a back up, executed upgrade.php it seems to works!!

Although I got i weird messages after running upgrade.php succesfully:
Check the item I posted in another topic.:

To install something for the cat's 'cut' is never nice..... (old dutch saying) :D




This is awesome.  I love SMF 1.0.  Thank you so much guys  8)


thx a lot - perfect release timing!  :D

dloading... :P


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¿Qué es el repair_settings?
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thanks (you too Unknown...i know you chipped in a little here and there)! :)


OMG I can't believe it!!!   The wait is over!    :D

A big thanks to the SMF team for such a great work!!   ;)

downloading now.....

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It really looks great!!! I've upgraded it from YABB SE 1.5.4, but I have 3 problems... the images won't any more in the posts and signatures. Flash isn't working. And I don't have the smilies you see here. What could this be? [nonactive]


Smileys from here arn't included I believe.

Is flash enabled from the admin panel? We may have to look into that.

The images problem is reported in the bugs board I believe. There is a fix for it there and it will be fixed in the next release too.
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Well, I've selected that Flash can be used in my forum. [nonactive]


Man! This is way cooler than I thought!

Though I like that YaBB SE's admin panel was simpler, it had nowhere near as much features. Once I get used to this admin panel, SMF is going to be even higher on my top forum list! (Which is odd, since it's already #1...)

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Quote from: The Donk on March 14, 2004, 12:45:01 PM
Well, I've selected that Flash can be used in my forum.
Could you start a thread about this in the bugs board so it doesn't get lost? And if possible post a link to a post on your forum where you have flash posted - it will make it easier for us to work out what's wrong.

I'm only a half geek really...

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