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SMF 1.0 Public Beta Available

Started by [Unknown], March 10, 2004, 03:13:14 PM

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As you may now notice on the download page, a public beta of SMF 1.0 is now available.  Please remember, most importantly, that this is a beta and not a stable release.  It should not be used in production unless you understand the risks and are willing to live with them.  There will be bugs and problems, and you may have to live with them for periods if you choose to use this in production.

That said, we would like to invite all of you to test this public beta, so that we can remove any bugs that may be in it.  Realize that we expect there to be bugs, and the purpose of a beta release is to facilitate finding and fixing all of them.  So, every bug fixed moves us that much closer to a stable, production worthy release.

Remember that we always listen to feature requests, bug reports, and questions about the code.  Code review is a wonderful and great part of any project like this.  For more information on how to get involved with SMF, please see the page about just that.  But remember, sometimes what you think is a bug might not be what we think is a bug; sometimes you will want a feature we don't see as part of the distribution.  We still want you involved, and some of you can help even more by making packages, themes, and so forth for SMF.

While the modification system is something that is not yet complete in this beta, you will soon see the premiere of the mod site.  There, you will be able to download modifications and packages to apply to your install - easily adding, changing, or removing functionality as you want.  While we're deprecating the use of boardmod, please hold on while the package manager gets to its feet.

Please remember to read the license.  Even if you do not, you are bound by it and may not redistribute SMF or change/remove any displayed copyrights.  We will go after people who do not follow these terms, so if you are not willing to abide by them please do not use SMF.

It's important to note that this is a big change from YaBB SE.  While it may seem to work the same in many ways, one look at the code... one look at the templating system... should show you it is not at all the same.  Many settings and options have changed and been moved, and it is highly recommended that you play with a separate install or upgrade before upgrading your main forum - if you must, indeed, use it in production.  It will take you time to get used to where the new settings are, and it will take time to ask questions here.  If you prepare, you won't have to worry about emergencies later.

You can always find information posted here about things like installation, upgrade, and more.  As development continues, you will see more and more tutorials, FAQs, and manuals for SMF - this is just another part of development.

If you need any more help with anything to do with SMF, please do not hesitate to ask questions. And for those who need a little to get going, the downloads themselves are, of course, here:

Thank you for being a part of SMF,
Simple Machines


Michael Eshom
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Henrik Samuelsson

Yiiipppiiiiiiiiiii   :D :D :D

Thanks too you all in SMF team

Regards / Henrik S.



Got it and can't wait to try it -- congratulations guys!



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I waited for like 3 hours today... then went to play some RCT2 and it released when I was doing that!! ><
o well.. *dl'es look thru and installs*


Been waiting, and looking forward to :)




Well, damn me. I missed the launch.


Damn it would be released at 2am :(

Oh wait I already got it ;D
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Peter Duggan

Please make sure you're all backing up and, if possible, installing to a test location first.

NB I still haven't upgraded one of my boards to SMF at all yet, and my other live boards are running about two betas behind, so you don't *have* to do it tonight... ;)



Quote from: Peter Duggan on March 13, 2004, 09:36:52 PM
Please make sure you're all backing up and, if possible, installing to a test location first.

NB I still haven't upgraded one of my boards to SMF at all yet, and my other live boards are running about two betas behind, so you don't *have* to do it tonight... ;)

Well, it's something to do... Especially with insomnia...


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installed over top of the Charter only beta and all is well. No probs.


I can't get it, Con someone give me the FULL link?


Click on any download.

If it doesn't load, click the "if it doesn't load" link.



Where, I don't see any "if it doesn't load" link

Mike O

here's a tip... be sure to 'tar -zxvf smf_1-0-beta4p_install.tar.gz' in a clean, new directory, as all files will be dropped into the PWD, not a subdirectory.  Luckily, I had a backup of my index.php for my own site, which I will now go restore...

Not that I am trying to place blame or anything, just want to let folks know.  Personally, most times when I untar/ungzip source, the resulting source is to be found in a new subdir of PWD, not PWD itself.

Thanks for the public beta release, and for the hard work.
mike o