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Is a great site that explains Cascading Style Sheets to you in 18 chapters that are easy to read and understand.

B Patterson:

A great place to ask CSS specific questions and get help from uber gurus....

iyeru42: as well.

Those who also want to know how to have their tables centered and not have the text centered (cross-browser):

--- Code: --- text-align: center;
margin: 0 auto;
--- End code ---

goes into the body tag. And this (below) goes into the divs, etc.

--- Code: --- text-align: left;
margin: 0 auto;
--- End code ---

And for those of you who want to know why IE isn't w3 compliant, check out the opacity stuff below:

--- Code: --- filter: Alpha(Opacity=70); /* Internet Explorer Opacity */
opacity: 0.7; /* W3 Compliant Opacity. Doesn't work in IE. */
--- End code ---

And for those who want to re-do their scrollbar(s)... (Only works on IE5+ ONLY in WINDOWS95+!)

--- Code: ---scrollbar-face-color: #color; /* Front color */
scrollbar-base-color: #color; /* The track color itself. */
scrollbar-arrow-color: #color; /* Arrow, duh! */
scrollbar-shadow-color: #color; /* Lighter Shadow around scrollbar */
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #color; /* Darker shadow around scrollbar */
--- End code ---

You forgot:
scrollbar-light-color: color;
scrollbar-3dlight-color: color;

Also, don't forget about and I will eventually have more tutorials up (not only for css though). I'll wait and post mine when I've got more :P

I'm sure this site is very well known:

"A demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design."

Some of the designs are absolutly breathtaking. And all done with css!


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