Author Topic: Make pop-up windows resizable (PLEASE!)  (Read 1161 times)

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Make pop-up windows resizable (PLEASE!)
« on: February 19, 2006, 09:36:21 AM »
I've run across at least two of these and I'd wager there are many others.

1) Spell Check window default size is too small for its contents and non-resizable. Depending on font size, the spellcheck form doesn't fit inside the window. This could be easily fixed in a couple of ways. The text edit box could be made smaller as it seems way too large. Also, why specify a width and a height? You can specify the width only. This gives the window acceptable behavior and lets it size itself to an appropriate height. I tried specifying neither height nor width but that causes IE to open an ugly maximized window. And for pete's sake, why isn't this window resizable? There is absolutely NO reason for this obnoxious limitation.

2) Large image pop-up (Sources/Display.php, line 1184) is also non-resizable. I researched this and reqWin() in 'Themes/default/script.js' has "resizable=no" hardcoded. WTF? Am I missing something? Why do sites all over everywhere make it so I can't resize a pop-up? Don't people think about these things? Sorry for the rudeness, but this is all over the web and I am annoyed. This non-resizable scourge is mindless and makes no sense. Maybe I'm naive and it's a security risk or something?