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Añadir al ManagerPpermission.spanish.php
« on: March 14, 2004, 01:09:31 PM »
Para que no salga error en la web de los permisos

$txt['permissiongroup_post'] = 'Posts';
$txt['permissionname_remove'] = 'Delete posts';
$txt['permissionhelp_remove'] = 'Remove posts. This does not allow a user to delete the first post of a topic.';
$txt['permissionname_remove_own'] = 'Own post';
$txt['permissionname_remove_any'] = 'Any post';
$txt['permissionname_modify'] = 'Modify posts';
$txt['permissionhelp_modify'] = 'Edit posts';
$txt['permissionname_modify_own'] = 'Own post';
$txt['permissionname_modify_any'] = 'Any post';
$txt['permissionname_report_any'] = 'Report posts to the moderators';
$txt['permissionhelp_report_any'] = 'This permission adds a link to each message, allowing a user to report a post to a moderator. On reporting, all moderators on that board will receive an e-mail with a link to the reported post and a description of the problem (as given by the reporting user).';

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