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Theme/Template Generator for SMF?

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I would love to see a theme generator for SMF like the ones for YaBB and YaBB SE. I am lostm on this theme stuff, I suck at images, so...

Any help?

yeah that would be hugely helpful!

I'm Struggling with the same Thing... I love the layout of SMF but want to put it in my old forum's colors with the structure of the default new one.  ::)
But the template thingy is quit a bit different and the ssi doesnt seem to work (by the way)  ::)... But it's still wonderful that you can just put up another template when you ******up a copy of it.  :D Just by the click of a button.

yeah its great that you can ****** up one template, and the other works fine. i do that a lot today :P

Good if u´d made a copy before  ::)

I´ve made a new installation  >:( No Copy - No Fun


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