Author Topic: Large forum performance tweaking.. nearly there.. few q's... anymore tips?  (Read 4481 times)

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SMF Version: SMF 1.0.6

i've recently moved my large forum (700meg DB / 1.5 million posts) to a new host (a VPS with and i've got it running pretty well.

i've got persistent connections on. hostname lookups are off and I have verified that "Check the avatar size every time it is displayed" is off

PHP Version 4.3.11
mysql version is 4.0.x

i've spent a few days with the status.php unknown posted in another section (and reading up mysql tweak advice) getting things sorted. (just a note: query cache is active too)

here's my "my.cnf"..

Code: [Select]

anything i've changed has been upped from a default. tmp_table_size is 32M by default.

i've also converted the recommended tables to InnoDB (along with _log_online) and also set _log_floodcontrol to HEAP.

here are my remaining niggles

- would _log_sessions being HEAP be a good idea?

- the only variable i can't get in range is 'tmp_table_size'.. i put this at 512meg and still no drop from being around 0.9.. the VPS i'm on gives 256 'guaranteed' and 1 gig 'burst' (which from what i can tell means hold a block of mem for too long and it'll get swapped out).

- the "more stats" page takes a long time to load. from debug outupt it looks like the 3 queries get that some top 10 stats are the ones taking the time.

- even though i'm on a VPS the back of my mind says "persistent bad".. reassure me pls :)

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