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Two Questions and Problems I need help with

Started by DragoonXL, March 15, 2004, 01:40:32 PM

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First of all, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I've been going in circles here and just need some help. :)

#1 - In the User Info box, I want to place a logo. I have found out how to place the logo in the left and right align, but if I place it in the left, the User Info text does not shift over. (Name, PMs etc) is there any way to place this info in the right side of the box and maintain the banner in the left?

#2 - I get an error with spell check and it is very annoying. I have searched through the help posts for the board and my hypothesis is that is it's the spell software that is at fault, not at the board. Nevertheless, how do I troubleshoot the following problem.

Warning: PSPELL couldn't open the dictionary. reason: I'm sorry I can't find any suitable word lists for the language-tag "en". in /home/virtual/site1/fst/var/www/html/BoringGames/Sources/Subs-Post.php on line 703

#1 is more of a problem to me. #2 is simply an inconvience.




#2 is because pspell is not installed properly.  Many hosts install it just so they can say it's installed... but don't "follow through" so to speak.

You have pspell, but no dictionaries.  Like owning a library, but a completely empty one.

I'll have to see the html you're using for the first one.