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Translate Mod - little help
« on: April 06, 2006, 02:42:12 PM »
Hi i am looking for a translate MOD, to add a button to a topic and have it be translated by google translate, Is there any MOD that does this? searched the database could not find one.


Also if one doesn't exist, i found this code that i might be able to port...
Code: [Select]
<p align="center">
Translation: <select name="lang" onChange="window.location=(' ADDRESS/viewtopic.php?t={TOPIC_ID}&Sequence=core&Language='+this.options[this.selectedIndex].value)">
      <option value="-1" selected>Translate topic to...</option>
      <option value="English/Spanish">English to Spanish</option>
      <option value="English/French">English to French</option>
      <option value="English/German">English to German</option>
      <option value="English/Italian">English to Italian</option>
      <option value="English/Norwegian">English to Norwegian</option>
      <option value="English/Portuguese">English to Portuguese</option>
      <option value="Spanish/English">Spanish to English</option>
      <option value="French/English">French to English</option>
      <option value="German/English">German to English</option>
      <option value="Italian/English">Italian to English</option>
      <option value="Portuguese/English">Portuguese to English</option>
   </select> </td>

I just don't know SMF very well, so don't know where to place it. Also how do i get the URL of the current Topic?

I would be using google translate (former babelfish).

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