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G'Day all,

does anyone know if it is possible to not display the news, stats and buttons when someone registers for their membership yet will display once they have logged in?

I'm sorry if this is a faq, but my search only located how to turn the news on or off - either one or the other not automatic so to speak.


How comfortable are you with PHP?  I can show you easily how to do it, but it would be a lot easier if you know PHP.


If by comfortable you mean "am I php savey" I'm sorry no, but I'm not afraid to experiment so you could say I'm learning on the fly  ::)

A mate of mine who is savey provided me with a fix for the news window that seems to work by adding this piece of code   && ($context['user']['is_logged'])

   // Show a random news item? (or you could pick one from news_lines...)
   if (!empty($settings['enable_news']) && ($context['user']['is_logged']))

Then I just leave guests to the new template.
I'm sure I read that the stats window can be closed from admin somewhere but haven't had time to check that yet.



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