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Awards Mod

Started by winrules, March 21, 2006, 11:28:03 PM

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no i took it out now, but when i try to reinstall it there is an error. I don't know how to mess with the codes, i am too scared to try it again i dont want to mess it up again!


SMF tell you, quite correctly, to do a backup of your files and database prior to adding any mod so that you will be in a position to restore from these backups should anything go wrong...if you've done that and read the SMF documentation then you should be perfectly save to work on your files. You might consider trying to restore your forum onto a spare database to make sure that you do know how to do it properly.

It doesn't look as though you've managed to completely remove a previous install of this mod as the error you reported indicates it as being installed twice over.


please show the preview picture or some links for the effect of the MOD.



Anyone can tell me this mod works on smf 1.1.3 or not?
Many thanks


Okay, for some reason, the Awards portion under the avatar is not working on Scribbles2 Theme. I recently upgraded from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4, and there is no problem with seeing the Awards under the avatar with my old theme "dilbermc" but when I switch the theme to Scribbles2, the Awards under the avatar is not there. The Award is visible in the profile, and I can alter that if I want to, but thats it? What can I do?


^ I have the same problem. I used to have a Dilbermc theme but when I switched to another theme, the award mod is not displaying anymore.

Is there anything we can do to fix this? And when will this be updated in 1.1.4 version? Thanks


Almost all mods only install automatically into the SMF default theme...all other themes are custom themes and for each of them you will need to follow the instructions given in the links below.

Please read:



The following may also prove helpful:


Mirror of the last link:


Smoky "Rider" Blue

is this ok for the 1.1.4 and the beta??  ;)
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Quote from: SmokyBlue on March 22, 2008, 12:10:18 AM
is this ok for the 1.1.4 and the beta??  ;)
1.1.4 - It *should* work but i'd recommend using the Member Awards mod instead.
2.0 Beta 3 Public - It will not work. However you can do almost the same thing with a custom profile field.

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thanks winrules!! working on the beta now, think so anyway.. so wait and see what im putting together.. btw.. nice to meet ya :D
**Take the time to remember friendships and family.. Sometimes it's all we have, and missed very much**


hi, but is 1 Awards added only?? :(
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December 14, 2008, 05:47:46 PM #131 Last Edit: December 14, 2008, 08:17:43 PM by Fattredd
 Is there a way to get tag title something other than "awards" so than I can make promo stuff and give my users credit with that?

edit: i tried to make the canges myself, but it says its corrupt what do i do?
Edit2:i fixxed it nevermind


When i uninstall it the awards box still shows up


update comming for 2.0 rc1 ?


hello to all plz help ..
I installed award mod...it's working good

but if I want award show end of user id same end of avater
if it's possibale plz help me about this from ware I have change


plz anybody help..


Just installed manually on 1.1.9  it works fine, but it picks up the title of the Thread.   and displays it under the image of my award.  any ideas.


Is something like this available for the current SMF version?