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Do you guys have much contact with Lunabyte Systems??
Apparently they will be doing a new version of their portal software called "Nebula"
This will seemingly be using SMF.....
Was kinda wondering whether it would be worth waiting on that (could be quite some time)
or if I would be better learning how to integrate SMF into something like say, xoops....

Thanks for the advice

Would be best to ask them. ;)

What about putting your question in   ???

Whether it's worth the wait or not really depends on what you're looking for in a portal/forum integration.  If you take a look at the current version of Enigma and like what you see, then it's worth the wait.  In Nebula we will be taking the core idea of Enigma, expanding and enhancing it, and combining that with the power and flexibility of SMF.

Jeff Lewis:

--- Quote from: AmphetaMarinE on March 20, 2004, 01:49:17 AM ---Do you guys have much contact with Lunabyte Systems??

--- End quote ---

yesterday we chatted between teams and there were a lot of ideas thrown around...


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