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Error 404 when trying to access anything within forum

Started by Paula, March 29, 2006, 02:30:34 PM

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SMF Version: SMF 1.1 RC2

This is probably a daft question and probably simple to sort but as a newbie who can't find the answer in any of the support forums.....Can anyone help?  I hope I've posted in the correct place.

I recently installed SMF 1.1 RC2, Joomla1.0.8 and bridge 3.20 and everything seems to have installed correctly.  The problem is that when a user logs in using smf_login and then tries to access discussion board (or anything else) they are greeted with the following error "404: Not found Sorry, but that content could not be found".

I noticed that the url is  incorrect (I think) displays /forum/page_39.html when I think it should be /forum/index.php.

If I access my site via cpanel forum/index.php everything works correctly.

Anyone any idea what I've done wrong/what the problem is? :-[

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Forgot to mention the forum is wrapped.

Alan S

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Hi Alan

Thanks for the reply but I had no luck with the repair settings...I've moved this post to installation and upgrade support as I deciphered part of the problem




I am having the exact same problem on my site.  I can access the forums through the external link: and it works flawlessly.  The problem happens if I try to access from my Joomla frontpage.  The main forum page opens, but clicking on the forum categories gives me this error "The page isn't redirecting properly" in Firefox.  Doesn't work in IE either.  I have tried the repair tool and the upgrade worked fine.  I CAN access the admin panel from within Joomla - just not the boards themselves.  Any ideas?

The problem is obviously tied into joomla somehow.  I will crosspost this on the Joomla forums.

I have temporarily redirected my users to the external link.


This is a double topic. Your orignal topic has been moved to the Joomla/Mambo bridge support board. Locking this one.
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