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The cool rollover Images in the forum



Im using a portal system called phpwebthings and I would like to use the cool rollovers in it. How can I do this please? Just a brief clue should get me sorted as I have moderate experience with html and stuff.:)


This isint connected to SMF in some way is it?

Erm, It depends what you mean....

Its posted in the portal development forum so maybe its releated to the portal I quoted.

Ehm, this is for development of SMF *with portals.*  More or less, see.... kinda geared toward SMF, however.

I think this is the board you're looking for:

And thanks, I like my little hover effect too ^_^.  It's really simple JavaScript though...


Oh ok, sorry.

I didnt release it was for SMF Portal development.

;) I will post in the other forum or if someone could move this topic over it would be cool


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