Started by popularfx, May 20, 2006, 12:14:56 PM

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Link to the theme

This is my third theme - Proton and I hope you guys like it Better than even Electron or Neutron.
This theme has several bug fixes and uses Electron Themer 1.1

The style sheet is the main control center in this and we have tried to make the file size as small as possible.

The button sets are having a glassy effect.
If you dont like them you can use the ones i use at my Board.

The banner this time is not Flash but if you want one please post at the following link:,50.0.html

If you find any bugs please let me know.

For adplacement help you know where to come.

Electron Themer can be used to make themes Based on Electron Theme in minutes if not seconds.(Except the button images.)
I created it out of popular demand as people were asking for this type of base.

To know more on the Electron Themer  Please visit the following link and post:

Demo of the Theme:
1) Board Index
2) Message Index;board=1.0
3) Display Template;topic=1520.0

The main Changes are done in the BoardIndex and DisplayTemplate Files and there is a complete change in the both of them.

New button Sets green in colour have been created for this theme .
We will be posting about the Electron Themer and how to use it soon.

The Banner will be Automatically Resized by the Electron Themer.
If you want to put an image as your banner it can be replaced easily.
Also for flash banner if you want your own we can help you.

For copyright link removal please post your request in the above link .

I request you to please join my Topsites List (People who use Electron Inc. Themes):

I created this theme and the previous one to have more friends . So please come join me in making more such themes for friends.

Hope you have great fun with this theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pls Give your comments and suggestions its just that for I ask.
We want to redefine theming!
Our themes: Blue, Vogue, Green, Vision, Style, Spectacular
Stay tuned for more themes at


Nice colours. The theme feels very slick.
The header could be a bit less stretched,
You could give the header background a blur after stretching it and then add the text.



Quote from: rongup on May 21, 2006, 08:16:11 AM
A flash proton theme

The stressed image will be replaced

Why don't you include the blank header in the theme itself? It would make the theme so much better.  ;)


I was rather thinking to give options in the theme Menu itself


You said, Electron Themer can be used to make themes Based on Electron Theme in minutes if not seconds.(Except the button images.)

So, Is that a script ? Where can we download it ?



It may be posible to insert an ad adsense in the right of the logo? On the logo.


Yes it is you go to modify the index.template.php


I want remove the grey line: [nonactive]

Sorry my bad and basic english.


In style.css of the theme find this:
#headerarea{background-color: white;border-bottom: 1px solid gray;}

and remove the border statement and make it this:
#headerarea{background-color: white;}

That will remove the line


a perfectly lovely there - thanks - but help me...
I am using this theme unwrapped, and would like to have a link
back to the main site from within the link tree (or by clicking on the header image)
(see it at [nonactive])

Is this possible? Have I missed some simple modification?

thanks - Bruce


Modify the file index.template.php to add the link


Thank you for theme. It is very nice.
How can I remove section that I signed on pic?


I didnt quite get what you are asking for


I want to delete the searh area and make it like on picture.


Well for that edit index.template.php

You will find input fields.
Edit them