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Bridge 3.20 problems with IE

Started by lordsiris, April 18, 2006, 09:49:23 PM

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April 18, 2006, 09:49:23 PM Last Edit: April 29, 2006, 02:29:48 PM by Orstio
Some info first:
Joomla! 1.07
SMF 1.1RC2
Bridge 3.20
site:  hxxp:www.iobinary.com [nonactive]
Joomla! settings: allow user reg = on
new user activation = on
SEF = on
Caching = off

SMF Settings: database driven sessions = on
local cookies = off
compression = off

Bridge set for bridge registration.

I am having problems with users logging in via IE.  Everything seems to work fine in FF.  When a user logs in including me (super admin) it logs me in to both joomla and the forum and shows my information, but I cannot see items set to special access and cannot access items that are restricted to registered users (ie repository downloads).  I have cleared all cookies in IE, logged in and out many times and its always the same, this action as occurs on an entirely different computer as well.  Also noticed that when logged into the site via IE that their is no session data for the user in the joomla database and does not show in the members online module.

I haven't moved to 1.1.3 yet but had a question as well...  Will the change cause problems with existing accounts?

Thanks for any help!!



QuoteAlso noticed that when logged into the site via IE that their is no session data for the user in the joomla database and does not show in the members online module.

Then you are not actually logged in to Joomla.


I just registered and logged in to your site using IE.  Everything works fine.  I am able to access the repository just fine.

You are aware that Joomla is case sensitive about login information, right?


try downloading something from the remository...I cannot download from IE in the remository as a super admin...




Interesting, what in IE could be causing problems?  All my usernames are lower case, and with multiple super admin accounts I am unable to get logged in correctly.  Currently I am logged in as user "admin" yet I dont show in the members online nor do i have a entry in the joomla sessions database.  Evidently things are working fine for you and I imagine many others using IE, but the problem still is occurring.




You mentioned that you cleared cookies.

Try that like this:  Close ALL browser windows.  Go to your Cookies folder in Windows.  Find any cookie that has iobinary.com in it and delete that file.

The reason for this is sometimes a cookie will become corrupt, and IE will not clear it.  You have to actually delete the text file while the browser is closed, because IE will just create the file again if it isn't closed.


Orstio... The information in your last post worked on occasion meaning that sometimes IE would see the cookie correctly after deleting it and logging into the website, but sometimes it didn't.  Users were still having the same problems that I was sometimes able to replicate.  What a pain when sometimes it works.

I have appeared to find a solution though, after modifying the .htaccess file from the information in the below link, it seems all is working correctly now.

hxxp:www.netshinesoftware.com/mambo-troubleshooter.html [nonactive]

Hopefully someone else can benefit from this...

Also as a note I was having the same problem with the 1.1.4 version of the bridge but again with the above mod all is working with 1.1.4.