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If you can't get to, it's because I messed up the name servers. I fixed them, but it will take time for them to propagate to the ISPs name servers, at least a day or so.

If you have any pressing questions, ask them in this thread only, as I don't want to clog up SMF's site with our msgs... (hi Jeff!)  :-[

Thanks, Michele

Hey Michele! was wondering what happened! :D It's good to know that's all it is!

Herman's Mixen:
just a 48 our delay !!
and you're back in business with
i was wondering why i couldn't get there .. but that explains it ! ;)

Yeah, dummy me added a new domain to my site and when I set up the DNS, somehow they all reverted to the default (non-existant) ones.

I've checked the registrar and the proper name servers are now listed, so it shouldn't be too long until we're back up.

Sorry again folks, Michele

WOrks now


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