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I'd like simple MOD what tells people if theyrs PM box is full. Just simple message in header "your PM box is full" or something similar.

hey Owdy that's a good Idea! I tried looking at it thinking the info to do it solely in the templates was loaded but it's not I can't find a single place or array containing membergroups -> maxMessages from the database, but $context[messages] is loaded so if maxMessages can be loaded into one of the arrays without adding another query and just have an existing one select maxMessages, then it could go anywhere in the templates you want with minimal moding! I'll keep looking!

Thanks man! I belive this is going to be included in future releases, but for now this mod would be nice. Now people wont know if they box is full and no-one could send PMs to them. How can you tell someone that they box is full if you can send them pm's. ;)

Anyone? Please :D

If correct i think babylonking has this on his forum ive seen it somewhere and its cool


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