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Need a little code help.


Unlce Tony:
I'm pretty new at this and it's kicking my butt. I've got somethings figured out, but it seems to be just enough to get me in trouble... :)
Here is what I'm trying to do. List other services provided by my .com on my forum under the copyright info. I'm using version  SMF 1.0.7. The code works right up to the point where I have inserted the "*" (which I just put there to show you)
I just need someone that's pretty code savy to look this over and tell me what I'm doing wrong.
I've edited the [index.english.php] to include this text. I keep getting a syntax error, so I know it's just a matter of dotting someting and crossing something, but I'm just not quite sure...
Will someone please help me?!

--- Code: ---$forum_copyright = $context['forum_name'] . ' | Powered by <a href="" title="Simple Machines Forum" target="_blank">' . $forum_version . '</a>.<br />
&copy; 2001-2005, <a href="" target="_blank">Lewis Media</a>. All Rights Reserved. <br/>Another quality web forum, brought to you by <a href=""target="_blank">Any</a>.' * <br/> Other Services '| <a href=""target="_blank">Guest Book</a> '| <a href=""target=_blank">Classifieds</a> ';

--- End code ---

Unlce Tony:
Nevermind! I figured it out...
It was really quite easy.
If you want to know, just drop me a line.


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