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Need help with css in my theme....

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Heya guys....
I have gotten about 70% through writing my new theme for SMF...
But i have come across a strange bug.... i think it's a bug in the way IE renders css anyways....

Just wondering if anyone here has come across anything like this before, and if so, how did you fix it?

Test it in both IE and any other browser... (Mozilla, Firebird, Firefox etc...)

Notice how all browsers render it fine, but IE puts a huge block of empty space at the top of the main board index??

So guys... whaddya think?? Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers to all who have any input.

WOW I Wish i could do that, thats really good might be the best SMF template someone has ever edited  :o Nice JOB


NOTE: DO USE IE IT Looks FIne Except for that big gray thing on the top

Thanks Homie...
It will look quite different once I'm done changing the colours in the style.css and changed all the images.....
But its a general idea on how it will look....

Just need some coding geniuses in here to help me work out this css problem in IE.... (Seeing most of the world seems to use the damn thing. :'(

Thats indeed a very nice template.
I love the menu at the left.


 :o Nice one indeed  :D

um... IE seem to render strangely with css positioning when you use
many div with position relative. Since it's micro$oft, it will confuse what to relative to. :P
So you may need to set some constrains such as height or width to div or put them inside table.
For your problem, just try to set width or height to whichever  div that cause problem.
Don't worry if you din't set it to clip when overflow, those setting will be overided. (I think ::))



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