Author Topic: Understanding status.php info to solve performance issues  (Read 6827 times)

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Understanding status.php info to solve performance issues
« on: June 19, 2006, 04:45:43 PM »
I've been experiencing some performance issues but I don't know how how to interpret the info provided by status.php. That's it, there are serveral values out of the recommended settings, but I have no idea at all of what changes should I make to solve them. I've read and put into practice everything in Checklist for performance problems except the use of a Optimizer, because I share the server and I'd like it to be the "last resort". These are the data concerning my website:

    * forum ->
    * status.php -
    * phpinfo.php -
    * It's a dedicated server shared only by another website (i cannot recall the name of that other site)
    * I have 131974 Posts
    * Users stats:
    * Mods installed: Member Color Link
    * I have MkPortal installed, but I still have performance issues using an SMF stand alone installation with the default theme
    * Depending of the moment of the day the site loads at lightning speed or gets stuck and does not respond. I've experienced those blockings at almost any time of the day
    * I NEVER have problems accessing HTML files, it's only with ANY kind of PHP modules: -> SMF 1.1 RC2 -> Coppermine -> FlySpray

Any help will be welcomed