Started by TreetopClimber, July 05, 2006, 08:29:07 AM

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Link to the theme

To the admins please delete this copy, server connection timed out and did not know it loaded, thanks TT


This theme takes you to the sea side with its warm and relaxing colors blended to create a nice water like flow. I have changed the index to work with this theme, all Images except those most commonly used in the forums I custom made to use with smf. Please read the .txt file inclosed. ;)Enjoy this fine creation, TT



I like the colors in it..but there is one rather off-putting detail for me: the background graphic for the header is painfully slow to render - no wonder since its over 200k! lol :)

Some optimizing would come in handy , since not all have high-speed connection to the net.


@ Bloc thanks for your imput I didnt know the header image loaded slow I will try to fix that. Also I tend to forget about others connection speed  ;)

EDIT I have made the hb2.png into a jpg file but I cant upload it on this board for some reason.... I have no upload rights. If any one wants it they can download it here hb2.jpg image just right click and save as to your theme images folder.
Then in your index.template.php just find and edit this line
<img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/hb2.png" width="577" height="163" align="center" border="0" style="float: middle;">
Change to
<img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/hb2.jpg" width="577" height="163" align="center" border="0" style="float: middle;"> and that will speed things up for ya's


Try to attach it to the themes site instead - if you haven't already. I can also update the archive if you want me to - or are unable to yourself.


Themes site updated thanks for your help