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Viewing Members by Letter doesn't work right

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How is that a bug?  Are phonebooks buggy?

After all, look up "H" in the index, and you'll get a bunch of G's.....


he's got a point there ;)
maybe we can have two forms of this sorting...? one that limits the ordering to ONLY H's... and one with this phone-book method..?

just a question here.  when you originally click the memberlist, does it query the entire thing?  if it's currently opperating on a jump-to when you click a sort option, it seems like that would require loading the whole memberlist. 

if so, would it be quicker to simply do a query based on any sort options a user may click?  it might involve more queries, but less data per-query.  maybe in the long run, it might speed it up, use less rescources, and provide more desired information.

I really think it's annoying. The current YaBB SE board and the SuperMod board do this just as quickly as the SMF board does for the jump to pages.

Of course it isn't a bug if you see the member list as a phonebook - providing you are happy to select "H" and get 27 G's and 3 H's on it !
In the same way as when selecting track number 7 on a CD and I still have to listed to 4,5 and 6.
Perfectly acceptable.

OK, so don't call it a bug, just call it crap presentation then. Or am I expecting a little too much when I ask for H and get a page full of G's ? ? What's the point in programming a list that in this example only shows you 10% of  the page inforation that is relevant to the users requirements?


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