Contributing to SMF couldn't be easier!

Here are some of the ways you can use your skills to contribute to the future of the SMF Project:

  • If you're knowledgeable with SMF, you can lend a hand with support. Joining our Community Support Helpers will give you access to some new tools to help make support easier.
  • If creating mods or styling themes is your thing, check out our customization boards and our Customization site!
  • If writing is your thing, we are always looking to improve our documentation! Feel free to help improve our Online Manual, making any edits that you feel are required. It is a wiki, after all! Or, of course, you can ask questions in the Documentation Help board.
  • SMF is available in over 45 different languages, this task can't be accomplished alone. Feel free to join our Translators and help spread SMF across the world.

If you're limited on time but would still like to help contribute to the project, have a product or service to market, or would simply like to contribute to the well being of the project, there are options available to you as well:

Of course, if you simply want to contribute financially to the SMF Project, we welcome any and all donations to the project. Donations of $50 USD also receive a complementary one-year Charter Membership.