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Joshua Dickerson:
At the bottom of every page of documentation there will be a big bar that will ask if the page helped the user. If not, it will link them to the forum.

Jakob von Feldern:
There could always be a special board on this site that allows members to talk about document errors, and things missing from them. (Also, nice work on the wiki, but I think doesn't advertise Mozilla Wiki at the top. :P is what they use for the Star Wars wiki, the RuneScape wiki, Assassin's Creed wiki, and many more. Not trying to criticize you for your work, I am just trying to make a suggestion.

Joshua Dickerson:
The theme is just what I wanted to base the theme on. It was the closest I could get without making our own. We will have our own, but not until some of the theme aficionado's get some time.

Jakob von Feldern:
Oh okay. :P If I were better with HTML, I would help out.

Joshua Dickerson:
If I could get a hand, right now I am converting the BBC pages to their own page for each tag. This is going to take a while.

I am thinking of a standard template like

--- Code: ---====Tag====



[ [ Category:Bulletin_Board_Code]]

--- End code ---

If someone has a better idea for how to lay this out, please let me know. The last part makes all of these pages fall in to the BBC category. I might rename that to BBC_tags though. I also want to have a standard template to let people know that the certain tags are in the system by default. Then, we can allow other people to put their own tags in the wiki.

PS: the [ [ is like that because of wiki links mod on this site. Remove the spaces there.


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