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I get tons of errors when trying to convert.

I get ~500 lines of these:
Notice: Undefined index: realName in /usr/www/virtual/www.***.com/smf/convert.php on line 1116

Notice: Undefined index: memberName in /usr/www/virtual/www.***.com/smf/convert.php on line 1115

And 500 looking similar to this line:
('500', 'pa11', 'pa11', '', 'ecb7279arf235fg372fd7e40df1f89', 'dVrwOdqTt', '1', '', '116923458128', '0', '116623454956', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '1', '', '', '', '', '372', '0001-01-01', '', ''),

And at the bottom it says:

Unknown column 'memberName' in 'field list'

Ahhhh ******... I've tried a lot of .sql files in this thread, not one works.  >:(

This converter makes my server very unstable... It hangs at Members... incomplete "the installer has paused to avoid"etc... Then my server stop responding and i'm getting many 503 errors and i have to kill one process of MySQL... On localhost is exactly same situation... I looked at database and it seemed, that all members got alredy converted, then why it freeze?

Sorry for my bad english, regards

slavko17, edit the mybb14_to_smf.sql and find:

--- Code: ---LEFT JOIN {$from_prefix}users AS ul ON (BINARY ul.username = t.lastposter)
--- End code ---
replace it with

--- Code: ---LEFT JOIN {$from_prefix}users AS ul ON (ul.username = t.lastposter)
--- End code ---
then re-start the converion, hopefully it helps.

Woooow! It works now! :D Thanks alot :D


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