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How to configure SMF to send mail via smtp on LAN?

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I have recently install SMF into XAMPP 1.7.7 on a PC at work.

Im running the forum on a LAN. The PC its on has full admin.

I want to be able to inform users when new topics are posted via automated email notifications, so they dont have to click on "notify" for every forum section etc.

I have access to a SSL smtp relay.

I've done a lot of trawling through the net to find the right way to config smf or xampp to allow the mail to send but havent had any luck.

Currently im just testing this using the "notify" option to keep it simple. I will look at other ways of sending the mail without using the notify options later.

I have entered my smtp details into the mail settings in the smf ui. I have looked at the php file in xamp as well but to be honist i come over in a bit of a cold sweat when I look at it.

Is there an idiots guide to setting up automated mailing from smf?
Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for any light someone can shine.


青山 素子:
In SMF, if you choose the SMTP method and enter in the correct details, it should send using SMTP. There should be no need for editing the PHP config file.

Its not working that way. I thought it was because the smtp relay I have is SSL?

青山 素子:
If your relay requires connection with SSL, that complicates things. Does it also need SMTP AUTH?

yes i need to provide authentication to the ssl smtp server, if thats what you mean?


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