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Balanced is a color balanced and warm theme that is easy on the eyes. Balanced is good for sites that have members that require a color balanced and appropriate contrast theme for ease of reading.  The warning and success responses from member actions are appropriately colored for the theme in the general area and the admin area. The theme uses enhancements and variations of some icons as well as colors as visual cues that will gently draw the eye to areas of importance while at the same time the theme is quite easy on the eyes during extended reading.

The theme does not provide a logo other than the theme logo. You will need to create a logo with the dimensions of 1206px wide by 151px deep. The Forum Title field in Configuration/Server Settings can still be set to have the forum name appear in the linktree area however, the forum name will not appear in the header area of the theme. As mentioned previously, you will need to create a logo for your site.


My thanks to the SMF Theme Site Team for their patience and endurance in walking me thru the approval process.

You folks are the best! 

:) :) :)

well considering all but 1 message was sent by myself then you are more than welcome, its amazing how quickly themes get approved when people are pleasant to us and wait patiently ... makes the process alot easier doesn;t it :)

Very Nice theme. How would you add a logo to this theme?

Greetings Jim,

Several paths actually. You can ask for help in the Help Wanted ( not for support ) board on this site. You can likely find someone there that can make one for you for nothing or for a few dollars.

I can make you one ( for free ) as long as it is simple. I am not an expert at graphic art but I can whip up a simple header with Gimp if you know the color you want for the header and if you want a name placed in the header. If you have an existing, simple logo design I may be able to move it onto the header for you.  If you want to do this, pm me your email.

You can give it a go yourself. You can download for free Gimp ( www dot gimp dot org slash downloads ) and give it a try. If you go this path and need the 1206 x 151 header with a color in it, I will email one to you. I think though, that you will find Gimp fairly intuitive and easy to use so you likely will not need a header from me.

Hope this helps and glad you find the theme pleasing.



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