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Eliana Tamerin:

--- Quote from: AngelinaBelle on August 19, 2011, 12:09:07 PM ---IE7

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1. The most recent version that works with Windows XP is IE8. If anyone is using a version older than XP by now, they're idiotic and deserve to run into compatibility issues.
2. Windows XP support is in the process of being dropped, so there's no reason to support IE7 or IE8 anymore.
3. Vista and Windows 7 can both use IE9, and Windows 7 will for sure be able to use IE10.

So IE7? Absolutely not. IE8? Maybe on SMF 2.1. Definitely not once we get past 2014. We can check to see that SMF isn't completely broken on these browsers, but do they need special treatment as they've received before? No.

I did it for my own board, it requires a bit of hacking in the parse_bbc function to get it working. The way i did it is to calculate a key based on a hash of the message content as well as a few variables. The data is parsed once for each key, and stored in a redis server.
The system take into account non-cacheable content (like aeva-foxy flash stuff), as well as content varying for users (in message private sub-messages for instance).

The real challenge comes from mods inserting javascript stuff in the html while parsing the message, so i had to modify a bit highslide4smf and aeva and now they work fine.

On editing the usual content is displayed, on save the key is calculated again and content saved again the same way.


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