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Custom Form Mod (özelleştirilebilir formlar oluşturma)
« on: April 03, 2009, 06:13:05 PM »
Mod:  Custom Form Mod
Yazar:   LHVWB
Uyumluluk:   2.0 RC1
Türkçe Çeviri:   <<Anadolu>>
Açıklama:   Forumunuza özelleştirilebilir formlar ekler. Örneğin iletişim formu, moderatör başvuru formu ya da kırık link bildirim formları oluşturabilirsiniz.

Yardım dosyasını çevirmeye vaktim olmadı, birisi çevirirse sevinirim.

Türkçe'si için:

en sona ekle:
Code: [Select]
//    **Start Custom Form Mod Text** çeviri: << Anadolu>>
//    Header and General text for the Custom Form Mod settings area.
$txt['CustomForm_generalsettings_heading'] = 'Custom Form Ayarları';
$txt['CustomForm_tabheader'] = 'Özel Formlar';
$txt['CustomForm_form'] = 'Form';
$txt['CustomForm_field'] = 'Alan';
$txt['CustomForm_view_title'] = 'Form Adı';
$txt['CustomForm_view_text'] = 'Form Bilgisi';
$txt['CustomForm_view_perms'] = 'Formu Görebilme İzinleri';

//    Stuff for the forms action
$txt['CustomForm_submit'] = 'Formu Gönder';
$txt['CustomForm_required'] = 'Doldurulması Zorunlu Alanlar';

//    Junk for the list areas.
$txt['CustomForm_listheading_fields'] = 'Form Alanları';
$txt['CustomForm_add_form'] = 'Yeni Form Ekle';
$txt['CustomForm_add_field'] = 'Yeni Alan Ekle';
$txt['CustomForm_edit'] = 'Düzenle';
$txt['CustomForm_delete_warning'] = 'Gerçekten Silmek İstiyor Musun?';
$txt['CustomForm_list_noelements'] = 'Bu liste şu anda boş.';
$txt['CustomForm_moveup'] = 'Yukarı Taşı';
$txt['CustomForm_movedown'] = 'Aşağı Taşı';

//    Text for the settings pages.
$txt['CustomForm_text'] = 'Yazı';
$txt['CustomForm_type'] = 'Tip';
$txt['CustomForm_type_vars'] = 'İlave Parametreler';
$txt['CustomForm_output'] = 'Form Output';
$txt['CustomForm_board_id'] = 'Bölüm ID';
$txt['CustomForm_template_function'] = 'Özel Tema Fonksiyonları';

//    Options for the selectboxe on the field edit page.
$txt['CustomForm_checkbox'] = 'Tek Seçim Kutusu';
$txt['CustomForm_selectionbox'] = 'Seçim Kutusu';
$txt['CustomForm_textbox'] = 'Yazı Kutusu';
$txt['CustomForm_large_textbox'] = 'Büyük (Çok Satırlı) Yazı Kutusu';
$txt['CustomForm_int'] = 'Yazı Kutusu (Tam)';
$txt['CustomForm_float'] = 'Yazı Kutusu(Üzerinde)';
//    **End Custom Form Mod Text**

aç: Help.turkish.php
en sona ekle:
Code: [Select]
//    Custom Form Yardım çevirileri başlangıç--
$helptxt['CustomForm_view_perms'] = 'This setting allows you to restrict the member groups that can see the list of the forms which they can access (At &quot;index.php?action=form&quot;). Note that even if they can see they list, they cannot see or use any forms which they do not have the permissions for.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_view_title'] = 'This setting allows you to chose the title for the action/page that shows the list of forms to a user (at "index.php?action=forms").  By default 'Custom Forms' will be the title.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_view_text'] = 'This setting allows you to chose the explanation text shown for the action/page that shows the list of forms to a user (at "index.php?action=forms"). By default nothing will be shown.';
//    Help text for the edit form page.
$helptxt['CustomForm_form_title'] = 'This is the title of the current form, it will be displayed when a user is filling out the form and when they are viewing the list of forms.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_board_id'] = 'This is the ID of the board where the form will submit the forum post to.<br /><br />Find or create the board you want the form to post into, you can find boards ID by having a look at the number after &quot;board=&quot; in the URL/link for that board.<br /><br />Example: The URL is then the Board ID would be 23.<br /><br />Warning - By default the form is created with a Board ID of 0, You must change this to a valid board number or the form will not post anywhere in your forum. ';
$helptxt['CustomForm_permissions'] = 'This is the permissions setting for this form, to be able to view or submit a form, a user must be in one of the member groups selected.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_subject'] = 'This is the subject/title of the post created by the form, like the Form Output area, it can contain values from the form itself.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_output'] = 'This is the the format in which the data a users enters in the form will be displayed in the forum post after they submit the form.<br/><br/>To actually display data a user enters in the forum post you will need to enter the title for the field between braces { }.<br /><br />Example: If the field was called 'name' then {name} would be replaced with what the user entered in the field of the form.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_template_function'] = 'Attention! You only need to use this setting if you want to customize the templates of your form submit pages.<br /><br /> This setting allows you to chose which template function from the &quot;/themes/{current_theme}/CustomForm.template.php&quot; file that will be used for this particular form when a user is submitting it. This allows you to define your own templates to display on the &quot;Submit Form&quot; page. Please note that the template function which will be used, has to be named with the format &quot;form_template_{value for this setting}&quot;, otherwise the default &quot;form_template_submit_form()&quot; template function will be used.<br /><br /> For a brief example of what you can change in a template enter &quot;example_form&quot; in the Custom Template Function of a form then view that form. You will see several places with the text &quot;Example of something...&quot;, these are good places for you to add information to your form template without effecting the functions of the form itself.<br /><br />If you are trying to create a new template then open the &quot;CustomForm.template.php&quot; file and find &quot;Example: How to edit the custom forms template.&quot; and follow the instructions there.<br /><br />Warning -It is recommended that you have a decent knowledge of HTML, XML, and PHP before you do anything too drastic.';
//    Help text for the edit field page.
$helptxt['CustomForm_field_title'] = 'This is the title that will be used to access the user input from this field, when the forum post is displayed.<br /><br />Note that the &quot;title&quot; field is only seen by admins and not general users, it is only used to designate where the users input from the form is displayed when it is posted in the forum. For best results keep the titles short, all lower case, and do not use special characters like # & * @ [ etc.<br /><br />Example: name, username, and user_name will work fine. If the title is &quot;User Name&quot; the information the user types in the form will not be displayed in the forum post.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_text'] = 'This setting allows you to change the text which a user will see when they are filling out the form.<br /><br />You can also use many standard html tags in the text field, these are similar to the BBC tags you can use in forum posts except that you have to enter them between &lt; &gt; rather than [ ]';
$helptxt['CustomForm_type'] = 'This setting allows you to set the type of field that this is. Thus restricting the input that a user can submit.<br /><br /><b>Text Box (String)</b> adds a small input box allowing the user to type anything..<br /><br /><b>Large (Multiline) Text Box</b> adds a large input box allowing the user to type anything.<br /><br /><b>Text Box (Integer)</b> Will only allow the user to type whole numbers. The user can not type text, decimals, or fractions in this box. For instance if the user were to type 12.345 in the box only 12 would displayed in their post.<br /><br /></b><b>Text Box (Float)</b> allows a user to enter <a href=>Floating Point Values</a>. In most cases this will be used when you expect the user to enter numbers with decimals in the form.<br /><br /><b>Check box</b> will post whether the boxed was checked or not once the form is submitted to the forum. By default it will post <b>yes</b> if checked and <b>no</b> if not checked.<br /><br /><b>Selection Box</b> will allow the user to chose from various items. Enter the list of items you want separated by commas in the <b>Extra Type Parameters</b> field.';
$helptxt['CustomForm_type_vars'] = 'This field allows you to set any necessary extra paramaters to change the behavior of the field in the form and forum post depending on the type field.<br /><br /><b>Text Box Parameters</b><br /><br /><b>parse_bbc</b> In order for your users to use <a href="./index.php?action=help;page=post#bbcref" target="_blank">BBC Code</a> in their entry you must enter parse_bbc in the Extra Type Parameters field, otherwise BBC Code will not display in the forum post.<br /><br /><b>size=(int)</b> This will restrict the number of characters a user can type in their entry.<br /><br />Example: If you were to enter size=8 in the field then the users entry would be limited to 8 characters. So if the user types 1234567890 in the field, only 12345678 will be displayed in the forum post.<br /><br /><b>default=(str)</b> This allows you to set default text that will display in the forum post if the user fails to fill out the entry.<br /><br />Example: If you enter &quot;default=User did not enter any data in this field.&quot;, in the Extra Type Parameters field and the user does not enter any input in the filed when filling out the form then &quot;User did not enter any data in this field.&quot; will automatically be displayed in the forum post.<br /><br /><b>required</b> You can also enter 'required' in the Extra Type Parameters field which will force the user to enter valid data for this field before the form will submit.<br /><br />The fields are denoted in the form by an * and a note by the submit button stating * Required Fields. If the user fails enter data in those fields the form will return with the *'s displayed in red, reminding the user that those fields must be filled out in order for them to be able to submit the form.<br /><br /><b>Select Box</b><br /><br />A Select Box, only has one option. It will allow you to put a series of options (separated by commas '), for the user to select.<br /><br />Example: Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, and so on.<br /><br /><b>Check Box</b><br /><br />By default if you leave the Extra Type Parameters field empty, a check box will post <b>Yes</b> if the box is checked in the form or <b>No</b> if it was not.<br /><br />Alternatively a check box will allow you to put two strings, separated by a comma, the first string will be shown if the check box is checked while the second will be shown if the check box is not.<br /><br />Example: The check box was checked.,The check box was not checked.<br /><br />You may also use the &quot;required&quot; parameter to force the user to check the box before they submit a form.<br /><br />By default the check box will enter <b>Yes</b> when displayed in the forum post, if you just enter &quot;required&quot; in the Extra Type Parameters field. You may also have it enter something of your choosing in the forum post.<br /><br />Example: I was required to check this box.,required';
//    Custom Form Yardım çevirileri biti�
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