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SMF Aqua theme
« on: December 24, 2009, 07:38:25 AM »
Some members from the 1.0 days may remember it:

Back these days, I created this theme for SMF and unfortunately, it was never updated for 1.1 or any later version. I've been running my board under SMF 1.0.x for years without a single issue and only recently, I made the decision to upgrade everything to 2.0.

And yes, this _does_ include the theme, which is currently work in progress (see link in the signature for a preview).

It is still in early development and will take some time until completion - e.g. the header isn't done yet and most dhtml features of the old 1.0 theme are not working at the moment.

Quite a few people were asking about an update in the past, but I never got enough time to do it and with SMF 1.0.x running so nicely for my small forum, I didn't even see the need for an upgrade.

This is just meant to be an "heads up" - I do not have an ETA for a release, but it definitely is going to happen.
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