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User Agreement Update

Started by Matthew K., January 03, 2012, 09:19:44 PM

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Matthew K.

This modification uses a select box...which to me, I'd think requires a little bit more effort to click the dropdown and select yes.


It actually doesn't matter as such. The vagaries of different international laws stipulate that such a thing may or may not be adequate. Certainly in the UK it would be debatable.
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Jade Elizabeth

And the states, which is where my server and things operate from.

I believe you need the signing to make it a legal [document] contract because it provides evidence of the intent to make it a legal contract and the person signing signs that they know and agree to such a contract. It's still an agreement for the forum and can be held up in court but if a judge doesn't like it or sees it as vague/badly written they can toss it. Essentially making users sign makes it a legal document which a court has to hold up....especially for changes - if a user doesn't sign off on changes or know about them then the terms can be thrown out.
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Matthew K.

In that case, shouldn't SMF change how they handle agreements?

Jade Elizabeth

LOL yeah it probably should because an agreement must be visible and accessible at all times and users HAVE to be notified of changes immediately or it can be thrown out.

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anyone else has this problem?

i was testing around with the mod.. and after playing much scenarios.. i figured out that there seems to be a problem with cache/cookies on that..

example names: admin1, user1, user2:
admin1 changes user agreement in admin panel.. "require re-agreement" is active.. and member mode is "strict"..
after that:

standard user "user1" with FF17 logs in or is already logged in (doesn´t matter)... the dialog for re-agreement appears on next click.. user accepts new agreement.. everything is fine

standard user "user2" with IE8 (internet explorer 8) logs in or is already logged in (doesn´t matter)... the dialog for re-agreement appears on next click.. user accepts new agreement.. BUT the dialog for re-agreement appears on next click.. and remains on every click.. it doesn´t matter if user2 accepts the agreement or not.. the dialog is not going away..
if this user2 uses FF17 at this stage (re-agreement acception clicked, but still apears in IE8) to login.. the agreement does not apear in FF17.. it is accepted (like he did in IE8).. that works..
the interesting part is:
after logging into SMF as user2 with FF17 and seeing the agreement is accepted and the re-agreement dialog is not shown anymore.. (so, no problems). the re-agreement dialog comes back when user2 logs in by using IE8..
in IE8 the re-agreement dialog only disapears, when the user deletes cache manualy or by reloading page with "ctrl-F5" (relaod with cache-update)...

so there seems to be a cache/cookie problem.. im not very into this.. so i cannot say what exactly the problem is.. but it seems, the cookie/cache in IE8 is not updated when the user clicks to accept the re-agreement..  i don´t know if this is a IE8 problem, a mistake in code of mod.. or a fault on my side... or something else.. since im not a coder or so..

i was testing this with a fresh install of IE8..

are you able to reproduce this problem in any browser?

Matthew K.



Matthew K.

Sorry, don't want you to think I'm avoiding this, I have it marked as unread so I remember to take care of it. Been busy getting ready for finals. What would really help me nail down the issue here would be a link, and administrative login, which you can PM to me. But it definitely sounds like an issue with the JavaScript and IE.


your inbox got account informations now..

Matthew K.

I know you sent me updated information on IRC but I didn't store it. Can you PM me the updated details so I can look into it? (what browser and OS too please)



your inbox got account informations.. again =)


a possible german_informal translation

 * User Agreement Update
 * @file Handler.german_informal.php
 * @author Labradoodle-360
 * @translator demlak
 * @copyright Matthew Kerle 2012
 * @version 1.0.3

$txt['uau_reg_mem'] = 'Mitglieder';
$txt['updated_agreement_notice'] = 'Du siehst diese Seite, weil die Nutzungsbedingungen sich geändert haben. Um die Seite weiter benutzen zu können musst du diesen neuen Nutzungsbedingungen zustimmen.';
$txt['updated_user_agreement'] = 'Veränderte Nutzungsbedingungen';
$txt['re_accept_agreement'] = 'Akzeptiere Nutzungsbedingungen';
$txt['invalid_language_file'] = 'Es tut mir leid, es gibt keine passende Sprachdatei.';
$txt['restore_jquery'] = 'Möchtest du die $s Version der Nutzungsbedingungen wiederherstellen?\n\nAlle nicht gespeicherten Änderungen werden gelöscht.';
$txt['restore_opt_default'] = 'standard';
$txt['restore_opt_latest'] = 'letzte';
$txt['lab_user_agreement'] = 'Nutzungsbedingungen';
$txt['lab_i_have'] = 'Ich habe';
$txt['lab_not'] = 'nicht';
$txt['lab_read'] = 'gelesen';
$txt['the_user_agreement'] = 'die Nutzungsbedinungen.';
$txt['lab_close'] = 'Schließen';
$txt['lab_saved_notice'] = 'Die Einstellungen der Nutzungsbedingungen sind erfolgreich gespeichert worden!';
$txt['lab_languages'] = 'Sprachen';
$txt['lab_parse_bbc'] = 'Nutze BBC';
$txt['lab_show_smileys'] = 'Zeige Smileys';
$txt['lab_restore_to'] = 'Stell wieder her';
$txt['lab_latest_revision'] = 'Letzte Version';
$txt['lab_default_agreement'] = 'Standard';
$txt['lab_addit_settings'] = 'zusätzliche Einstellungen';
$txt['lab_setting_show_require'] = 'Zeigen und zustimmen';
$txt['lab_setting_desc_show_require'] = 'Sollen Benutzer den Nutzungsbedingungen zustimmen müssen?';
$txt['lab_setting_require_reagreement'] = 'Neue Bestätigung erforderlich?';
$txt['lab_setting_desc_require_reagreement'] = 'Wenn die Nutzungsbedingungen geändert werden, <br />sollten die Benutzer sie neu akzeptieren?';
$txt['lab_last_reset'] = 'Letzter Reset';
$txt['lab_never'] = 'Niemals';
$txt['lab_setting_member_mode'] = 'Mitglieder Modus';
$txt['lab_member_mode_strict'] = 'Streng: <em>Benutzer müssen erst zustimmen bevor sie irgendetwas machen dürfen.</em>';
$txt['lab_member_mode_relaxed'] = 'Flexibel: <em>Benutzer können im Forum lesen aber keine Aktionen ausführen.</em>';
$txt['lab_modes'] = 'Modi';
$txt['lab_strict'] = 'Streng';
$txt['lab_relaxed'] = 'Flexibel';
$txt['lab_setting_bypass_groups'] = 'Überspringe Gruppe';
$txt['lab_setting_desc_bypass_groups'] = 'Wähle Gruppe(n) die nicht den Nutzungsbedingungen erneut zustimmen müssen.';
$txt['lab_collapse_mgroups'] = 'Schließe Gruppenansicht';
$txt['lab_expand_mgroups'] = 'Öffne Gruppenansicht';
$txt['lab_primary'] = 'Primärgruppen';
$txt['lab_post_based'] = 'Sekundärgruppen';
$txt['lab_check'] = 'Markiere Alle';
$txt['lab_uncheck'] = 'Entferne Alle';
$txt['lab_plural_form'] = '';
$txt['lab_setting_bypass_members'] = 'Überspringe Benutzer';
$txt['lab_setting_desc_bypass_members'] = 'Benutzer die den Nutzungsbedingungen nicht erneut zustimmen müssen.';
$txt['lab_save_settings'] = 'Speichern der Einstellungen';
$txt['lab_please_donate'] = 'Gefällt dir dieses Mod? Dann spende doch um die weitere Entwicklung zu fördern <a href="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr&cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9a5t59m45tc88" target="_blank">Klicke hier um via PayPal zu spenden.</a>';
$txt['lab_copyright'] = 'User Agreement Update 1.0.3<br /><a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?action=profile;u=182638" target="_blank">Copyright ' date('Y') . ' - Matthew Kerle</a>';

p.s. in Handler.english.php you forgot the ?> at the end...

Matthew K.

Thank you for the translation, I'll try to find some time to throw out a patch. Omitting the PHP closing tag is not a mistake.


Is there any chance that this mod will be updated so it will work with SMF v. 2.0.7 as well? A small change might be needed to make it fully compatible again, since most parts of the code gerge properly into the new version and only index.php seems to fail the installation test (it might be trivial indeed). Thank you for your time and attention.

Matthew K.

Yeah, I'm going to be updating this one soon. Some of the jQuery animations are broken and should really be removed.


Please help ASAP, this mod just locked everyone out of my board.  The updated agreement comes up with a drop-down box for the agreement ("read" or "not read"), but it makes no difference which option I select. There is no kind of "submit" button, and nothing I do allows me to access anything.  I have tried Chrome, FF, Explorer & Safari, nothing works.

The board is running SMF 2.0.5

Matthew K.

Can you PM me a link to your forum with your login information and I'll check it out for you?


This mod is very helpfull, my best thanks to  Labradoodle-360.

I want to suggest a little modification in this mod, cause I need it and I think will be useful to smf users.

When a user "read" user agreement, he could be have two choise:

1) I've read, and I 'm agree so I accept the user agreement

2) I've read but I'm not agree so I ask to delete my account.

Hopefull Labradoodle-360 can help me/us about this request,  I say thanks about this mod.