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Halo Names 1.1.0

Started by GC, November 20, 2005, 03:30:04 AM

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Link to Mod

This mod allows your users to put there halo and halo 2 usernames into there profile. It will then show up in a post above the users avatar. This is for the default theme. No support is offered with any other theme.

THis is for a new installion ONLY! To upgrade, uninstall your other version and install this one!


Hi buddy, can you do a GunBound Version?
Or tell me how edit to make a GunBound ID Mod?



Oh god, gunbound. Good old years. I'll look into it. I havent been there in YEARS! Do you mind PMing me your MSN or AIM? Maybe you can think of features I could add in.


Hey mate .....
Can you make this one compatible with smf 1.1.3 .... ? Please

It's a very good mod and even more better for me coz I'm making a clan website .....

Thanks in advance :)


Hey ...
Sorry for double posting ....
I just installed this mod on a fresh installation of smf v1.1.3 .....
It worked like a charm ......

Thanks allot for this mate ;)