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Admin, it seems to me that the time by new postings in not accurate i post at dutch time 11.45 and the time by posting says 05.14 strange

Is your time offset set correctly?  You can set it here:;u=1599;sa=theme

Currently it is set to 0.  This is probably incorrect if you live in the Netherlands.  Mine, as an example, is -3, and I'm GMT - 8.... this server is in New Jersey (as it happens, I had thought before it was not...) and is GMT - 5.

Since you are in the Netherlands, which I think is GMT - 1, you probably want your time offset set to 6. (for this server...)

If the time says "5:14" someone's clock is off, is this happening on this server or your own?



Time Offset:?

edit: darn , i was too slow :P   ;D

Oke  ::) sorry didn't see it + 6 thanx  :P


I have problems with the time as well. But I f I leave it on Zero it's only 13 mintues late.

Any advise where I can fix that?

Thanks in advance.


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