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Advise on moving to a new directory


Hello all.
Not sure if this is the right board to post this, but I was thinking about moving my forum to a new directory, on same server, but as a sub domain and using a different name. Like instead of the forum residing in /forum, it will be in /community, and instead of being on, it would be
Is that OK to do? Do you have any advise; pros and cons maybe? Precuations? Can I use same database? Do I just rename the directory and run fix settings? And finally, what is the best way(s) to redirect users and robots?
Any help and pointers are deeply appreciated.
Thank you.

renaming the directory sounds ok, use repair_settings.php after to fix the paths.

go into your website control panel and use redirection to guide your visitors to the new location, don't worry about the bots, they'll find you :)


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