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BCC Messages

Started by SoLoGHoST, January 10, 2010, 03:21:56 AM

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Bcc Messages allows you to send a Message to all Bcc Recipients via Personal Messages, which will send, the Regular PM Message, and the Bcc Message, just underneath of that.  To:  recipients only see what you have written in the PM textarea box (i.e., the pm message), while Bcc: recipients see both, the pm message and the bcc message.  You can give membergroups the ability to view and/or send Bcc Messages via Personal Messaging Permissions.  Users who have the ability to view Bcc Messages are also able to report them (if this security feature is enabled).  Please refer to all pics attached for an idea of how this will look.

This is a very small mod, but I felt it to be very useful as one can now save time and not have to create 2 separate PM's about the same thing.  And I can see how this can be very useful for Forum Staff.  For example:  I could send John a PM saying we look forward to seeing you contribute to our forum, and send all Global Mods a Bcc: on this, stating, please review his progress on a bi-daily or weekly basis.  This will save time for you not having to write 2 separate PM's on this, and can be taken care of with 1 shot!

Cheers, and I hope you all enjoy it and find it useful :)

On Another Note:  Before anyone asks, I will not code the option for Bcc Attachments.  Though, I figured it should be said in here.  If anyone wants to do this for their mod, feel free to do so, ofcourse, you don't need my permission.

Furthermore, I will not code for SMF 1.1.x platforms!


Congrats on another approved mod!
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


Thank You Very Much JBlaze :)


Its approved, very cool... another nice 1 SoLo



Updated to Version 1.1 for SMF RC3!  I'm on a roll today! :)


This mod causes problems on the mods that uses sendpm function. Example:
sendpm($recipients, $subject, $message, $store_outbox = false, $from = null, $pm_head = 0)
sendpm($recipients, $subject, $message, $bcc_message = '', $store_outbox = false, $from = null, $pm_head = 0)

Use (PM to New Members) before the edit:
sendpm($pmto,$modSettings['pm_register_subject'],$pm_register_body, 0, $pmfrom);
And the sender becomes guest.


Yeah, I noticed this when I was creating it Yagiz, but had no idea how to safeguard against this for an edit.  It just needed to go into the sendpm function.  But perhaps I'll take a deeper look into this.

Thanks for reminding me about this.


The only way around it I can see (well, it's what I'd do, at least) is to push the bcc entries into $context somewhere and check if it's set inside the function. It isn't elegant but it'd solve the problem.



I believe this modification breaks some SMF functionality. Can you take a look at this topic: Thanks!


Hello poolhall, will take a look into this in more depth most likely over this coming weekend if time permits, and will get back with you.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


BCC Messages now updated to version 1.2.  Addresses the issue with SMF's Warning System that poolhall noted.  This will not change the usernames in your prior Warnings sent via PM Notification, however, will not display usernames anymore when Issuing Warnings that are sent via PM Notifications.

If you are updating, you'll need to uninstall BCC Messages, DO NOT place a checkmark in the "Remove all data associated with this modification. [Details]" when uninstalling, delete BCC Messages 1.1 from your packages list.  Than install BCC Messages 1.2.

Cheers :)



Sure thing, your welcome.  Just noting that if any mods use the sendpm function that is located in Subs-Post.php, you'll need to simply change it so that the 4th parameter is set to ''.  Because the 4th parameter within this function has been changed so that it uses it for the BCC Message.  So if set to '' (a blank string), there will be no BCC Message sent with the PM.  It may not be the best approach, but will have to do, since I don't have the time to recode this mod to use a different approach.  Free projects are not worth much of my time these days.

Connor Macleod

This seems very useful! Any chance of getting an update for SMF 2.0.1. ?


Guys, sorry for not being active in this support thread.  FYI - I have prioritized my coding on Dream Portal 1.1.  I will update all of my other mods after Dream Portal 1.1 is released and approved here at the site.

Cheers :)