[Theme] Apollo (SMF v1.0.5 - SMF v1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, July 05, 2004, 06:45:55 PM

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Looks good, I have running on one of my forums
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Hi Bloc and I love your theme... :D

But have a small drama. :'(

When a guest browses the forum the info bar at the bottom wont display the center image.
the left and right display with a blank bit in the middle.
As soon as a person logs in, the bar displays properly with the new posts icons and the mark as read icon.

Now I'm using SMF in Mambo and im not sure if this is being caused by mambo or it s a SMF issue.

Mambo - 4.5.3h
SMF - 1.0.6

If you have any ideas, any help would be appreciated


Was it present in 1.0.5 ? if you have tried that of course?


Hi again,

Yes it was present in both 1.05 and 1.1rc2.
However I ended up dropping the entire mambo site and reinstalling it.
I'm currently using the wrapper in mambo to bring the forums inside the cms.
There was a mod from Mambo exchange that i was using to integrate the smf and mambo systems together.
but for some reason the new smf refuses to install the mod stating permissions to folders denied.
Am using IIS 6.0 to run this site of a MS SBS 2003 server.
It doesn't suffer the problems with the missing bar atm but i fear that once i fix the permissions problem and integrate the two together again, so i only have one user DB, the problem will reoccur.

I know this is stretching the friendship a bit, as mambo and the mod aren't really your problem to support, but it only seems to happen with this theme and i love it so much. The weird thing was that once a user logged in the bar displayed properly.

Once again, any help appreciated,

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Have you tried other themes for reference? Like Helios? I think it might have something to do with the theme settings..but it could aslo be a flaw just in Apollo theme.


Haven't tried other third party themes.
but had no issue with the standard built in themes.

Also if you load SMF outside of Mambo it works correctly.

Can't recreate the issue untill i get this permissions issue sorted.

lol. If its not one thing, its somethng else....



Love the theme, but is there any way I could change the news box for an imagemap? I can create the html for the imagemap easily enough, but don't know where to put it, or even if it would work.


I've been using this theme since December 2005, and I love it :). Honestly, it looks quite good.... Keep up the good work :D
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Has anyone ever mentioned about making a quick reply window for this theme?

If so, can you point me to where it might get done?

Please and thank you


Quick-reply are built-in for every theme..you just need to turn it on, either as a member in his/her profile or as a default in admin section.



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I am looking for the german Buttons for the Mercury Template.
The link on the first page are broken. Can someone send a working link to me please?

PS: Sorry for the bad English...


This is the apollo thread Dennis. You should perhaps post for the Mercury buttons in the right place?
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I wrote here because the creator of the Mercury-Theme linked this topic.


- For buttonsets in different languages, see this thread - http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=13487.0
since it uses the same buttons as the Apollo theme.


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