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Valentines Day Smiley Set

Started by jdvarner, September 27, 2007, 06:35:25 PM

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Pucker up 14 Feb!

Valentines Day Smiley Set





Sorry for stepping on your turf. I found the smiley online yes. I didnt realize nor think by sharing an online resource already made public was illegal. In no case did i make it known or justify that i was the owner or author of the smiley. You did however make it public that the author may be a member "Andrea". I did send the following to her. I thought i'd make it public here. To make it clear, i had no intent to say "hey i made it, or i am the author". Legally if its public for use then it is. I thought i was only sharing what i painstakinly found as fun and useful smiley set. I never made claim i created it.

here is what i wrote andrea.


I think i found a set of smiley's you created and posted them on smf for smiley's download. Aliencowfarm, member of smf brought it to my attention that you are most likely the author of these smiley's. i was just trying to provide what i found on the internet to everyone else. i dont take any credit nor did i ask anything for it. but i did upload it as a mod. within a mod, i dont take ownership, only made it avail. i want to apologize up front if you authored these smiley. the one in case is the valentine smiley. i enjoyed it so much, i just thought i would share with everyone else.

Again, all i did was package what i thought was a great smiley set and made it avail for everyone to see and use. In the long run, i would think that was your intention as well. I give full credit to you.