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HTML tags not working:

Started by Visualcode, January 09, 2007, 08:06:22 PM

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When I use the html tags on my forum, they still appear. The html inside the tags works fine, but surrounding whatever code I may have put inside the tags are the tags themselves. What might be the problem?


            'tag' => 'html',
            'type' => 'unparsed_content',
            'content' => '$1',
            'block_level' => true,
            'disabled_content' => '$1',

Above is my Subs.php for html


I don't think HTML is allowed on SMF is it?


are you using

[html]My Html[/html]

around your html?
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Yes, Sleepy, that is what I am doing. When I do that, it allows the html inside to work, however, it still shows those tags (html and /html).

If I do not do those tags, then my html doesn't work.


Can you use the code tags to show me exactly what you are using?
Jeremy D ~ Site Team / SMF Developer ~ GitHub Profile ~ Join us on IRC @ ~ Support the SMF Support team!


Here is an example:
Code (HTML Example) Select
[html][youtube=IoGRM1beFMc]<font color=Red>The Simpsons</font>[/youtube][/html]

This allows me (without using "[ Code ]") to show members how to do certain things. The above was used as an example to members how to post a youtube video (Obviously there is more to the explanation than above).

I decided I would write another "How to" on posting images. However, the code such as:

Code (Image Example) Select
[html]<img src="">[/html]

Which is meant to show the user an example of how their image will display, now however, it shows like this in my post:

[ html][ /html]

The first one, the youtube one, worked fine, and still does. But, if I post new ones using [ html] or modify old ones, they are broken. The newly posted stuff always shows the html tags. The code inside of them does work as html, but with the tags on the outside, it is very ugly.

I am not sure what has changed or why it has broken...


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This is not working either, which files make up the BBC code? Maybe I should uninstall my mods and replace those, then reinstall them to find out where the problem is. If you could tell me which files, that would help, otherwise I will probably end up doing a full replace on the code.


I think I found the problem:

I think there is a problem with the BBC Permission Mod. It seems that everything works, except, as an admin, I am not able to do any BBCs.


I am having this same exact problem - Get Your Music Heard!