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Started by Elsarty, November 04, 2013, 01:01:35 PM

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I've got website by webs.com, so I want to convert it to SMF.
I'm going to put CITIEZ theme, so if anyone could help me doing so, that would be great.
P.S: Didn't want to put the website link, if needed, tell me.


There is no way to convert from webs.com since it is a hosted system (meaning they don't give you access to the database).
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There is no direct ay to convert from Web.com or any online website creation software provided by Hosting companies. The only way you can save some work is to FTP download your html files and use them for content and reference when building your new website.
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Indeed, but the HTML files won't give you any of the actual content of the posts so it is rather useless if you are trying to save content.
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