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Started by Gobo, January 11, 2007, 08:17:28 PM

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Very professional looking Theme!  :)


I have really enjoyed your pirate theme for the following site: [nonactive]

I followed the link at the bottom of it & ended up here

I was wondering if I could get you to do a similar style with a new theme such as perhaps loosely based off of the movie "Gladiator" and incorperating a other "Ancient Roman" stuff ie Colisseums and how the gladiators fought in them...


this theme works with the last version?


it is very nice but can u make this for 1.1.4

plzz i love this theme but i havve 1.1.4
plzz can u make that
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Great theme- but it doesn't seem to support the Ad Revenue Sharing mod.


Thanks Aku !!!!!!!


thanx bro nice work
IF U ARE LOOKING FOR A WEBMASTER THEN EMAIL ME @ ahmerfish [at] hotmail [dot]com


nice theme, thanks :D


Regards friends, i problem with code verification, i no see code in register. Theme Pirates is good for version 1.1.5 SMF?, my forum site is: [nofollow]

You can see and help my?, thanks and congratulation for Theme it is very good. :)

Sorry but i speak english very bad  :(


Solved, I unloaded again the Theme and replaced the index.template.php with a program ftp and now the code of verifación visually works good. Thanks and good luck.

Congratulation for Theme Pirates, it is the theme better that i have seen :)


Great theme but I have a question...

This is kind of bugging me but, when logged in as a non admin "regular member" the news bar at the top of the site with the search thing to the right of the news shows up for me. However, when logged in as the admin the news bar with the search thing to the right is gone / hidden. Whats up with that and how can I get it to show for me / anyone else it may be hidden from ?
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