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Started by TDJ, January 21, 2007, 11:10:54 PM

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I feel very lucky to figure out how to install Chinese Simplied - UTF8 in HALF day. It's stupid not having a simple instruction in detail by only saying "merge", "extra to the install.php directory" for how to install language package. To ease new comer from this nonsense, here is the README on how to install a language package:

1) Download and Install the default SMF package in English
2) Download the language package you want. You will have the following file structure:
                         -<php files>*
                         +chinese-simplified-utf8 *                     
                         -<php files>*
                         -<php files>*

3) Check your English smf installed package and you will see a directory named "Themes" with the similar structure as above.
4)  Now, the tricky manual "merge" part. Get into each "image" and "languages" directory in your English "Themes' and copy the corresponding directories/files (I marked those directories/files with * in step 2) from your language package. Yes you need copy SIX times!
5) Now check [Admin]->[Server Setting], you can see your language shows up as one additional language.



It is really a good explanation!

However, for the step 4), you can just copy the folder of Chinese "Themes" to the directory where the English "Themes" locates. It seems the new "Themes" will overwrite the old one. But don't worry! As the file names differ from each other, new language can be installed without damaging the old one.
As a result, you only need to copy once instead of 6 times! ;)