Converting from Phorum 5.2.11 to SMF 2.0.19

Started by shorel, January 27, 2023, 11:36:55 AM

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I have successfully installed SMF to the same host running my creaking Phorum 5 forum which I am hoping to convert.
I receive an error when attempting to run convert.php. The error is caused by the fact that there are 2 databases with different usernames and passwords for each of the SMF and Phorum 5 applications.

 I am not able to install the  SMF database to that which Phorum 5 is running on due to a size restriction.  Is there an option to include both database accounts in the configuration to overcome this problem?


There currently is not an option to use two username and password for db.
I would suggest to add a db user that has access to both.
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Not possible with my host unfortunately.  I might try restoring the existing data to a new database, trimming the content and re-installing SMF to share that database.

Is there a reason for that option not being available?



Because writing the script to use two different users would be more complicated

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Thanks for your reply.  I take your point. 

I have created a single database with a restore of my Phorum5 and a clean install of SMF 2.0.19.  I've also created a separate Phorum5 config.php and edited it to point to the new combined database.  I've now hit the pm table issue so will attempt to sort that out and will report on progress.


I now have a working SMF solution with the Private messages issue sorted thanks to a post by nbenn

I can now use the converted forum although I was unable to bring over the phorum 5 attachments.

I received the following error

Converting attachments...
Warning: Undefined array key "downloads" in /homepages/x/xxxxxxx1/htdocs/SMF_xxxxxx/foxxxx/convert.php(1269) : eval()'d code on line 19

Any ideas anyone?

I have to say I'm impressed that all the other information ported over so well.  A big thank you to the guys who drew up the code.


I decided to leave the attachments issue --  I did try a few mods to the script but none worked for me.  It's not a massive deal so, at some point I'll download the files and store them in a separate archive gallery.