What's new in SMF 1.0 RC1 ?

Started by klumy, August 09, 2004, 11:34:10 AM

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Changes go downward, months go upward.  Please scroll to the bottom for a legend.
Changelog started January 1, 2004; Currently at $Revision: 1.993 $.

SMF 1.0 RC1                                                      August ??, 2004
August 2004:
+ repair_settings.php now checks that Settings.php is writable. (tools/repair_settings.php)
* Packages now only show links to install if they are install-able. (Packages.php, Packages template)
& You can no longer access ?action=activate when activation is not available, nor is the "Did you miss your activation email? link shown. (Subs.php, Register.php, index language files)
* Added class="signature" to where ever signatures are displayed to ease stylesheeting. (Display template, Profile template, InstantMessage template)
* Migrated a few remaining colors from index.template.php to style.css in the default theme. (index.template.php, style.css)
* Tried to add better documentation in the style.css file under the default theme. (style.css)
! Updated version numbers to SMF 1.0 RC1 in preparation for release. (all files)
! Upgrade no longer clears the moderation log, just for David. (upgrade.php)

July 2004:
+ Now, if you put ;board=Z on the URL for unread or unreadreplies, you will see said things only for that board.
* Search now shows the board the result was in under the topic link.
! Tweaked the entity magic so that it supports more characters, hopefully this won't cause problems.
! Now, subjects are also magick'd.  This should make it work better on bad character sets.
! Upped the subject length limit to 100 characters from 80. (internationalization.)
! Fixed a reserved MySQL word being used as label.
& Removed some unused language tags.
& Made some consistency adjustments in the dutch language files and translated all untranslated lines.
* Fixed some accesskey properties for the wireless template that were missing.
+ Added a preview column in the news center and checkboxes for fast removal of news items.
* Disallowing hide online status was not working at all because of a typo in Profile.template.php.
! Font size was wrong in the ssi_examples.shtml page.
& Tweaked $txt['modlog_moderation_log_desc'] so people can see why it won't delete things.
! The require/require_once functions are faster than include/include_once - use them instead when possible.
! Subject shortening wasn't very i18n... still isn't, totally.
! MoveTopic didn't do board names with single quotes in them properly :(.
+ Now, when there is a parse error in a template or language file, an error message is displayed with debugging information.
& Added some language entries to the index language files to show when handling this problem.
! Several fixes made the the vBulletin 3 converter.
+ Added "Male to Female ratio" and "Users Online Today" to the statistics page.
& Two new language strings added to Stats.language.php for above change.
+ Added a utility function, reattributePosts, to ManageMembers.php for attributing guest posts to members.
! Fixed a bug in upgrade causing it to run indefinitely.
! When using flash, add AllowScriptAccess="never" for Flash Player 6+.
! Fixed some quote and code tag preparsing issues.
! Changed some ordering in upgrade.php so that, even if you tried to duplicate your attachments it wouldn't happen now ^_^.
! Fine, fixed the list tag a different way.
! Fixed upgrade not converting single quotes for news lines properly.
! Trying to change the PHP setting to add xHTML compatible URL seperators for URL's that automatically get an added session ID (needed for SSI and template links).
+ Added link in attachment manager to recount file sizes.
+ Added avatar management to the attachment manager.
& Several new language entries added to Admin.language.php for above change.
+ Added backend for "Reply to All" in personal messages.
! Fixed problem with previewing instant messages losing the "to" field.
+ New setting, number_format added, this is a string that allows the admin to choose how values are displayed in the forum.
& Two new strings added to Help and ModSettings.language.php for describing the above change.
+ Added function, numberformat, for formatting numbers from the above setting.
! Fixed possible bug in Profile which would result in posts per day being wrong for an extreme geek.
+ Converters for Invision 2 and vB 3.0 now convert passwords and salt data.
! Users who have come from Invision 2 and vB 3.0 can now log in without resetting their password.
+ It is now possible to specify whether or not a board theme should override a users preference.
& Two new languages entries added to ManageBoards.language.php to reflect above change.
! SSI function, topPoster, can now take amount of posters to return as a parameter.
+ If new replies are made between reading a thread and replying, a warning message is displayed.
& New lanaguage strings added to Post.language.php for above change.
+ New function, ResetPassword, added to Subs-Auth.php for resetting password and/or username.
+ Admins can now change their members usernames from their profile - although this resets their password too.
& New language strings added to Profile and Login language files to reflect above changes.
! Fixed some incompatibility problems with old templates, I think, and a small notice in ModSettings.php.
! Email auto-linking wasn't always working properly.
* A bug in IE caused gifs to stop animating if they were clicked.... (as a link) in the Post template.
* Access checkboxes shouldn't be shown for moderator/admin.
* Small oddity in the Profile template under notifications.
! Cleaned up and commented some of the ftp stuff more - hopefully this still works everywhere.
! Package manager was not removing files properly.
+ Added setting to allow disabling of BBC tags by listing them.
& Two new language strings added to Help and ModSettings language files for above change.
* Post template adapted significantly to handle above change.
+ Viewing members from a group now has a new template, with options to easily add and remove members from said group.
& Several language entries added to ManageMembers.language.php to accomodate above change.
+ Added ability to notify the admin team whenever a new member registers.
& New language strings added to ModSettings and Login language files to reflect this addition.
! Fixed avatar download and resize option not working properly.
& New langauge entry added to Packages.language.php to enable better browsing of packages.
+ Restyled the ban center to match the layout of other admin center screens.
+ Added a ban log viewer.
+ Added an ID_MEMBER column to the ban log.
* Updated the templates in ManageMembers to reflect above changes.
& Added several language tags to the ManageMembers and Errors language files.
! Added some extra checks to the is_not_banned function.
! Cannot register ban is now logged in the log_banned table.
* Some javascript cleanup for the detailedversion checker, and cleanup for the latest news when offline. (Admin template)
* The "im_delete.gif" image now reads "Delete All" to avoid confusion with deleting checked messages. (im_delete.gif)
* Changed the placement of the delete button and made it read "Delete Selected". (InstantMessage template)
! Updated the documentation sections in many source files to sync with current functions. (Sources/*.php)
! Attempted to fix pm notifications being sent in the wrong language - needs more investigation. (Load.php)
! The "quote fast" feature now properly supports entities - but only in Internet Explorer.  Support on other browsers is pending. (Post.php)
! Not showing your online status was not working because of a typo. (Profile.php)
* Fixed the typo "hilight" in the spell checking javascript and Post template. (spellcheck.js, Post template)
! Made a small change to the default wording of the agreement. (agreement.txt)
! Saving a theme option for the default theme did not erase said option in the current theme, making changing your options not work.
! Who's online was showing members who choose to not be shown online, but as guests.
& The IP address logged for unsuccessful admin login attempts was incorrect at times; should now be fixed. (Admin langauge files)
* Spell check now scrolls to the word that changed in IE and Mozilla. (Post template, spellcheck.js)
! Typo was making full-ban reasons not display properly on registration failure. (Register.php)
! Two members online at exactly the same time might be mistakenly shown as not online. (BoardIndex.php)
! SSI.php now truncates on line breaks (<br />) as well as spaces. (SSI.php)
! Reduced the spam-ness of html emails sent by the forum. (Subs-Post.php, ManageMembers.php)

June 2004:
* Fixed a small issue with SendTopic.template.php's version not updating properly.
! A setting in ModSettings.php was named wrong; search_max_cache_size -> search_cache_size.
* Fixed some layout problems in the Search template. (caused by old style HTML :P.)
* Changed any "checkAll()" functions to calls to invertAll() from script.js.
! PHP 5 can be configured to make sessions shorter than 32 bytes... maybe longer?
! If there are no smileys in location x, you might get a small error.
* Recommitted those darn icons.... stupid cvsnt is adding kb twice or not at all :(.
! [color=#......] should allow A-F too, not just numbers.
! Made it so clear text color codes can be a *little* longer. (mediumpurple, etc.)
! Fixed a typo (one missing letter!) that was causing very substantial problems on some servers.
! .htaccess wasn't working properly for Apache 1. (it wasn't even applying :/.)
! Made it so you only have to change one line to make index.php something else.
! Added emphasis to "nothing's wrong" in the conversion timeout.
! Small typo affecting downloading updated packages.
! The attachments feature no longer allows uploads with the filename ".htaccess" or "index.php".
! If encrypted filenames are on, these are allowed.
+ It is now possible to upload images to the Smiley center.
& Many new language entries added to ManageSmileys.language.php for above change.
* Smiley template cleaned up some more to make it more efficient.
! Don't show the database upgrade error message for CVS or Demo versions.
* Whitespace shouldn't wrap in error log URLs.
* Only show a link to the IP if they can actually click it.
! Cleaned up the permission loading in Display.php so it's a little clearer...
* Emails in manage members should be clickable -> mailto:.
* Added more commenting in index.template.php around the forum name stuff.
! Commas should be allowed after email addresses.
! Smileys could not be put in the first place on a row.
! Resetting everyone's theme options was redirecting to the wrong place.
+ You can now upload different smileys to different sets if you wish.
* Javascript added to the import smileys template to improve usability.
! Resetting default theme options should override theme-specific ones.
* Now, when you change another member's language it doesn't affect your own.
! Holiday titles are no longer censored, because they shouldn't be.
! Code Review: Calendar.php. (updated documentation, fixed some overly restrictive permissions checks.)
! More characters are now allowed in email addresses.
! Cleaned up the way heading and rules were handled in ModSettings.php.
& Added some entries to the index langauge file - unread_topics_visit, unread_topics_visit_none, and unread_topics_all.
* It's now clearer that you are seeing posts since your last visit, and there is a link to see ALL unread topics.
! Fixed a typo in SSI.php related to birthdays.
! Moved the check for double post submission down in Post for error messages.
! Added a loadAttachmentContext() function to Display.php.
! You shouldn't be able to register with the email address of someone registered.
* You shouldn't get a javascript error message if you don't have the code fix on.
* Added warning text under Answer: in the profile for the Secret Question.
& Edited $txt['secret_desc'] and added $txt['secret_desc2'] in Profile language files.
+ YaBB SE converter should now convert banned members, calendar events and have an attempt at settings!
! MSIE wasn't styling ul's properly.
! Made the title for posted calendar events slightly longer. (48)
! Updated version numbers to 1.0 Beta 6+ to avoid confusion with the actual release.
* Slightly improved the look of displayed poll results in Display.
! Don't show the "upgrade template.php" checkbox if it's already been upgraded.
& Edited $txt[677] - explains how to create child boards
! Fixed a bug that was resulting in database sessions not being deleted.
+ phpBB2 converter should now convert attachments if the attachment mod was installed.
+ YaBBSE converter should now convert over membergroups successfully.
+ It is now possible to upload new packages in the package manager.
& Several new language entries added to Packages.language.php and Errors.language.php for above change.
& Some language entries moved from ManageSmileys.language.php to Errors.language.php.
! Inlined some element calls in the helpfiles.
! Added message body preview *information* so the templates *can* display it if they so wish to.
* Took a typo back out of smf_codeFix, having reintroduced it last beta - oops.
* Added inital changes for "someone posted while you were *reading*".
! Double post prevention/sequencing should no longer break old templates.  Now, scripts could use this to their advantage if they bothered to keep the session *anyway*, but they don't so it doesn't matter.
! Don't allow the deletion of just any file with the package manager remove thing.
& Added default_time_format to the Install language files and the installer.
* Minor template change in the package manager to make links consistent.
+ Made a custom imagecreatefrombmp().  Needs more testing, but works in most cases. (yes, this means bitmap support for GD ;).)
+ Added pagination to the trackIP function, to stop hefty page loads.
* Altered trackIP template to be more similar to trackUser to improve consistancy across functions.
& Two new language entries added to Profile.language.php to accomodate above change.
+ New option added, allow_editDisplayName, to dictate whether a user may or may not edit their display name.
& New language string added to ModSettings.language.php to accomodate above change.
+ Added a backend for repairing attachments (filesize and those deleted).
* Fixed guest posting so that: guest editing guest works, admin editing guest allows name/email editing, and post errors are handled well.
& Renamed poll_few to error_poll_few so poll error handling can work properly.
& Removed two language strings made obselete by the above changes.
! If they preview/post with no options, give an error but make sure there are at least two boxes.
! ssi_examples.php should show the proper path, not one with mixed slashes.
* Don't bother fading in fader.js if there is only one item.
! Small typo in the recent rss/xml feed stuff was making stuff inaccurate.
! Personal messages should be sent by memberName with "s.
! Installer was screwing up the indentation of Settings.php, if any.
! Fixed attachments, personal messages, and children in vBulletin 3 converter.
! All the converters were "leaving" attachments if they weren't converted - fixed.
! Added an Invision 2 converter, works for the most part, needs tweaking.
& Edited one text string and added another to clearly state that admins need to enter an email address when registering new users
& Edited the registration template to reflect the above language file change.
! SSI.php should just not load if it can't connect.
! The current_forum_time was without server offset as well as user offset.
! Printpage shouldn't put PHP code in a box, since Display doesn't.
* Changed some spans to divs in BoardIndex and several other templates because it looks slightly nicer.
* Added label elements to the additional options in Post.
* Show IP address help text in the Display template ;).
& Added see_admin_ip and see_member_ip to the Help language files.
! Upgrade wasn't handling news properly - should just remove one set of slashes.
+ Pagination added to "Who's Online" page.


Wow, I can't wait until the final version will comes out


Can you explain if this was relesed in RC1 why I cant see it and I have installed RC2??

Or am I missing something simple due to the Turkey and Beer??

Thanks in advance


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