Some one help me please Urgent

Started by mrwolf666, February 18, 2007, 09:05:00 AM

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OK i did a upgrade to SMF 1.1.1
Some parts of the forum ain't working and i don't know how to fix these problems some one help me please.

I don't java script is working on my forum so i need to know how to get that working.
When you try to reg, you cant click on the reg botton, you can fill out all your details and choose a user name and password but then it don't let you click the reg botton.

When posting you can not use the format tools, such as click on the quote botton, or hyperlink botton etc.

My main concern is people cant reg and i need that working asap so if any one out there knows how to fix this prob then please help?


I think you are missing some files.
reupload the /Themes/default folder and all files.
This should fix both errors.
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Hello SleePy, thanks for getting back to my post, Ummm i tried it and its the same thing?
I even tried it on another theme but no joy?
Any thing ells you can sugest?
take a look you might get what what im talking bout, try to register and it wont let you? [nonactive]


i dont know what i did but it seems to working fine now, thanks any ways  :D