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Display Multiple Group Names

Started by Thantos, April 28, 2005, 02:07:17 PM

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Quote from: DemonicInfluence on March 23, 2006, 06:14:33 AM
Umm. Try again. It just worked.. Maybe my server was just down for 1 sec..

I didn't see anything either.  Where is it supposed to show up? 

SMF 2.0
TP 1.0 RC1.1
Wordpress 3.1.3



SMF Version: SMF 1.0.7
After installing the multigroupnames mod, I get this error when trying to get to my forums:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getgroupnames() (previously declared in /home/.harimau/catalyst7/ in /home/.harimau/catalyst7/ on line 1276

When I decided to telnet to my server and run diff Load.php Load.php~ and got this:

<               'group' => getgroupnames($profile['ID_MEMBER'], $profile['member_group']),
>               'group' => $profile['member_group'],
< function getgroupnames($id, $group)
< {
<   global $context, $db_prefix, $settings;
<   $ret = '';
<   $allgroups = array($group);
<   $result = db_query("
<         SELECT mg.groupName
<         FROM {$db_prefix}membergroups AS mg,
<                 {$db_prefix}members AS mem
<       WHERE FIND_IN_SET(mg.ID_GROUP, mem.additionalGroups)
<               AND mem.ID_MEMBER=$id
<               AND mg.showAddName=1
<       ",
<         __FILE__, __LINE__);
<   while ( list($row) = mysql_fetch_row($result) )
<         $allgroups[] = $row;
<   mysql_free_result($result);
<   return implode("<br/>", $allgroups);
< }

As it's all Latin to me, is there something I can do to fix this or will I have to forget about the multiple membergroup names being shown?


have you tried contacting the creator of this mod?
This is an issue with the mod.
Try uninstalling the mod if you can


oh no... not working with rc3.  Can we get an update?


Does this mod or this option exist somewhere for 1.1.10?

we have additional groups but how about their display?
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