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searching for email text code

Started by LadyC, February 23, 2009, 07:24:30 PM

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the forum i just finished getting ready is going to be a private forum. (the current members are on an older version of SMF on another server).

i have disabled registration in RC1 since the invitation mod isn't available for it... so my admins and i will be manually registering our members.

i have an index page in the root directory where they can log in and be transferred to the forum... and when our members get notified of their log-in information, i'd like the link to direct them to that external index page.

can someone tell me where to edit this?


I guess you want to change the link posted with the notification.


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You may change your password after you login by going to your profile, or by visiting this page after you login:


{SCRIPTURL}?action=profile is what you are looking for.