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Override SEF Checks

Started by SleePy, July 21, 2007, 06:40:42 AM

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Solved - it was seo4smf that was causing the problems - thanks Sleepy - top mod!



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Marcus J

Just wanted to say thank you!  I installed this mod after much fighting with my host, and POW SEF works on my site. 

First try, no fuss.  I can't thank you enough.

City Builder

When I click on the little ? icon Im told this:
QuoteThis changes the format of URLs a little so search engines will like them better. They will look like index.php/topic,1.html.

This feature will not work on your server.

But it is working on my forum when I use the SEF Url's as they are showing up as the SEF urls should.  Is this something that I should still install because if SMF says it's not working on my server  *but it looks to me like it is*, then maybe theres something behind the scenes that isn't working as it should be and thus I need to install this mod to get full functionality out of the SMF's SEF urls?


If the SEF urls work by manually typing them in then they will most likely work.
This just removes the checks SMF does to prevent accidental use of the SEF checks (in case you check it anyways). That message won't change because of this mod.
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i use pretty url, should i use this mod too ?


No, this mod will not play well with Pretty URLs or SimpleSEF.
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