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Age 2 Date Of Birth

Started by Tomy Tran, September 10, 2011, 10:58:22 AM

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Tomy Tran

Link to Mod

Your forum has revealed her age, she is said too old, a sensitive situation!

This package will wipe your shame away like never happened. A beauty changing to a format of DD/MM on Calendar area of your BoardIndex page, Calendar page and user's Profile page and no effect to your database will make you happy. Start your community and this will suit your SMF 2.0 Final Gold from right now.

Version 1.1 will change on your BoardIndex and Calendar only, no change with Profile page. Format is different with MM/DD.



This is a nice mod :) but I can't download it or upload via admin
as there is a space in the name of the zip file.. any chance
that could be changed your you can email me the zip file?

Thank You!


Tomy Tran

Hey buddy,

Just try to rename the downloaded file to remove space in it. The name will not effect to it, just the content. I have tested it successfully.

Good luck ;)


This is a good idea, especially due to the recent news...

It's a means to protect yourself against possible lawsuits from your sensitive members! :D

Too bad it's not available for SMF 1.1.x though.

Tomy Tran

Thank you for that news!

On matter of SMF 1.1.X, I am not developer and just play my self with 2.0+ that why I have created it from my experience. And there is not any one comments to request it, I thought nobody care :D

I have build a demo site on , you can login by demo/demo to change birthday to see a live demo.

Other way, I have submit a new mod change Recent Posts from Sep 27th but is not approved to public til now. The approve processing works seem lazy.